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Green Vault Systems- Precision Batcher

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GVS Precision Batcher

Automatic Cannabis Batching and Weigh Station. The Precision Batcher (Patent Pending) is a semi-automatic batching system for dried flower “buds” that addresses the complicated process of net weight packing, particularly with 1 gram and 3.5 gram batches.  The Precision Batcher is capable of handling many different batch sizes, and provides a robust user control interface which allows processors to define their desired batch weight in 0.01 g increments.


      Basic Specifications:

  • Fixed weight batches, from 1 gram up to 7 grams.
  • 0.01g weighing resolution for ultra tight batch tolerances.
  • Speeds of 20+ batches/ minute.
  • GVS AirKush technology for gentle product handling.
  • Optional automatic inline check weighing system.
  • Optional connection to automatic bagging systems for complete automatic bag filling and sealing.