AutoCure (medium unit)

AutoCure (medium unit)


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Capacity: 8-12 LBS

Size: 24" x 24" footprint

Volume: 8 cubic feet


Auto Cure works perfectly for high-end connoisseur type curing even on large scale applications. It can also be used as a perfect fit for extractors and concentrate companies who need extensive drying done before processing. The difference in applications is easily chosen on the 7" LCD Touchscreen.

AutoCure is self-monitoring and self-adjusting through its custom designed software application which is displayed on a 7” Touchscreen.

AutoCure can be set to vent via a Time Max Threshold and a RH% Max Threshold for automated curing cycles.

  • Set three digital sliders to desired venting parameters, and let AutoCure do the rest of the work.
  • All curing data generated from AutoCure's vent cycles is logged to a secured online portal which customers are able to access via www.autocure.us.
  • AutoCure is also programmed with a Manual Cycle feature that allows the user to vent the machine at will.
  • Add descriptions to the data including strain and other information to analyze and standardize the curing process and the final product ready for sale.