EZ Press Pro: $160/day*

EZ Press Pro: $160/day*

EZ Trim

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Rental Rates: $160/day* (1st time rental); $200/day or $175/multi

EZTRIM’s EZ Press uses heat and pressure for extraction that enables up to 60% yields. You can press your flowers, keif, leaf, and bubble hash. No need for butane, co2, purging or heavy equipment that is dangerous to use. EZ Press is the world’s best rosin press. The EZ Press has 2 heat plates that are individually controlled with a thermocouple and controller. The Ez Press is a manual press. The benefit of pressing manually is that it allows you to control the amount of pressure over time. We have found that pneumatic pressing tends to press to quickly, causing blown out tubes and lower yields. The EZ Press was also designed to get the rosin off the heat as quickly as possible to avoid burning the product. The micron tubes are exactly the same width and length of the heat plates. This forces the product off of the heat as soon as you squish. The EZ Press can press over 1 oz of product at a time and can create up to 60% yields. The EZ Press also has the most pressure on the market at a true 12 tons. 

The EZ Press comes with everything needed to start pressing rosin today. This includes: stand, press, micron tubes, heat plates and 2x digital thermostat controllers.

Size / Weight

  • The heat plate is 3” x 12” 76.2mm x 304.8mm
  • Assembled Dimensions – L 26" W 19.5" H 48.5"
  • Only 100 lbs


  • 1 lb / hour finished product up to 60% yields