Precision Extracts  PX40 (Hydrocarbon Extraction) (coming soon)

Precision Extracts PX40 (Hydrocarbon Extraction) (coming soon)

Precision Extracts

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The PX40, also known as “The Executioner”, is the world’s largest extraction system. The PX40 processes up to 90 lbs of material per run with a 4 hour recovery time*, making it ideal for large volume commercial production. Like the X10, the PX40 comes equipped with on-demand heating and chilling, providing the system with maximum control and ease of operation.

Capacity and Production Specs

  • Up to 90 lbs of material processing per run
  • Up to 360 lbs material processing per 10 hour shift
  • Rated for n-Butane and 100% Propane or mix


Standard Features 

  • 180L material capacity (80+ lbs) (approx.)
  • Temperature controlled solvent vessel via FPW91-SL Chiller
  • Dual SL-12 recirculating heat bath
  • GC 5000 recovery pump
  • LPG rated valve systems (3/8”)
  • ASME certified high pressure vent downs
  • 3/8” PTFE/SS feed hosing (UL-21 compliant)
  • 5/8” PTFE/SS recovery hosing (UL-21 compliant)
  • 355L solvent tank size
  • 415L collection vessel size
  • Viton/PTFE gaskets
  • 1” certified sight glasses tested to 1,000 PSI
  • 8”/12” man hole vessel cleanouts
  • Nitrogen/argon assist ready
  • Rack mounted, easy load/unload material columns
  • Pre-plumbed for chillers and heaters
  • Heavy duty legs and lockable wheels
  • Dixon/Bradford valve assemblies (¾”, 1”)
  • Full one year warranty on pumps, heaters, and chillers
  • Full five year warranty on steel