About Us

At Trimco, our mission is to provide our clients with the knowledge, skills, practices, and equipment to achieve the highest quality and most cost-effective harvest every time. 

Our team has over fifteen years of combined experience and education in the cannabis and horticulture industries. We know the ends and outs of cannabis production, and what it takes to reach a successful, cost-effective harvest. We provide the equipment and know-how to help save you thousands of dollars in labor and operating costs, stream-lining the harvesting process. 

Man has progressed throughout history by the invention of better tools to make work easier and more efficient. Gone are the days of wasting countless hours on hand trimming your product that takes days, if not weeks, to process. Advances in technology have eliminated the need for hand trimmers. The machines of today are capable of processing material up to 50x faster than a human, with no sacrifice to quality. 

We have all of your harvest, post-harvest, processing, and packaging needs. We rent and sell automated trimming machines for wet/dry harvesting, automatic de-budding machines, a wide range of rosin presses, and other cannabis extraction products.