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Centurion Pro Original
Centurion Pro Original

Centurion Pro Original


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The CenturionPro Original is the most sought after machine on the market and is currently being shipped World Wide to growers who demand quality, durability, and accountability. The CenturionPro Original does the work of over 20 human labourers without sacrificing quality!! This machine works with both wet and dry flowers and will harvest 8-12 lbs dry (40-60 lbs wet) per hour of use.  The CenturionPro Original comes inclusive with a 3hp leaf collector system with 2750 CFM of suction power.

The most distinctive quality of The CenturionPro Original is the ease of keeping the blade clean, which is made out of D2 hardened steel. Unlike any other machine on the market, The CenturionPro Original employs a magnetic blade holding technology that allows for a five minute clean-up during operation, ensuring the machine has a consistently sharp, clean cut, and operates at a rapid pace.

The Centurion brand is the only machines in the world that come inclusive with a non-stick QuanTanium Coated tumbler. The non-stick properties of the QuanTanium tumbler prevent precious trichomes from adhering to the tumbler surface. This results in the flowers having a better visual appearance while maintaining their strong natural aroma and flavours. Overall, you will notice a more potent flower as all natural properties are preserved during the harvesting process.

 It is important to note that all components are anodized aluminum and stainless steel which provides a lightweight, durable machine with zero issues regarding corrosion.

The extra large hopper makes consistent feeding of the machine easier. Add on the automatic feeder and your days work will be finished hours earlier! This is a new addition to the CenturionPro Original that allows it to run “hands free! reducing the time to run your product by hours per day! And freeing up one worker to perform other jobs.

Centurion machines are the only brand that uses a unique diverter to help fine tune the flow and cut on different strains giving the grower the ability to quickly adjust to different strains, or density of flowers.  These diverters are how the machine can process dry flowers so delicately while still ensuring a tight clean cut and finish!

 A double bag system for trim collection aids in the ease of keeping the bags clean and helps save the trim for further extraction processes.

A high quality tool kit is also provided with the purchase of The CenturionPro Original. 

The Centurion Pro Original comes with a 5 year warranty!!