Commercial wet marijuana trimming machine
Centurion Pro Gladiator

Centurion Pro Gladiator


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The Gladiator is the highest volume per hour automated trimming machine in the world. This industrial harvesting machine does the work of over 40 human labor's without sacrificing quality, making it a incredibly powerful tool for any commercial operation. This machine works with both wet and dry flowers and will harvest 16-24 lbs dry (80-120lbs wet) per hour of use.  

 The most distinctive features of the Gladiator is its side by side double tumbler technology. This beast comes equipped with 2-21" cutting reels , 

2 Quantanium coated non-stick tumblers and a industrial strength 4hp leaf collector system with over 3000 CFM of suction power. Essentially you are getting 2 machines for the price of one of the competitors. 

The engineers here at CenturionPro Solutions firmly believe the side-by-side Tumblr technology is far superior to running these machines end to end long wise. These flowers are delicate and its best to get them in and out of the machines as soon as possible to minimize the amount of agitation required to obtain a precise clean cut. High-quality north American cutting components utilized by Centurion make it possible to achieve this clean-cut with only one pass negating the need to attach these machines end to end which takes away from the quality of the flowers due to the excessive agitation needed when travelling twice the distance.

The Centurion brand is the only machines in the world that come inclusive with a non-stick QuanTanium Coated tumbler. The non-stick properties of the QuanTanium tumbler prevent precious trichomes from adhering to the tumbler surface. This results in the flowers having a better visual appearance while maintaining their strong natural aroma and flavours. Overall, you will notice a more potent flower as all natural properties are preserved during the harvesting process. 

The extra large hopper makes consistent feeding of the machine easier and more user friendly.

Centurion machines are the only brand that use a unique diverter to help fine tune the flow and cut on different strains giving the grower the ability to quickly adjust to different strains, or density of flowers.  These diverters are how the machine can process dry flowers so delicately while still ensuring a tight clean cut and finish!

 A double bag system for trim collection aids in the ease of keeping the bags clean and helps save the trim for further extraction processes.

A high quality tool kit is also provided with the purchase of The Gladiator 

The Gladiator comes with a 5 year warranty!!